The call for submissions to the New Generation Rollingstock Train Commission of Inquiry  has closed.

The following submissions were received by the Commission

  1. Community Legal Centres Queensland (PDF, 392KB)
  2. Brendon Donohue (PDF, 61KB)
  3. Rail Back on Track (PDF, 999KB)
  4. Blind Citizens Australia (PDF, 133KB)
  5. Trevor Fletcher (PDF, 78KB)
  6. Confidential
  7. Vision Australia (PDF, 116KB)
  8. Guide Dogs Queensland (PDF, 124KB)
  9. Inclusion Moves (PDF, 129KB)
  10. Scott Emerson (PDF, 105KB)
  11. John McPherson (PDF, 7.6MB)
  12. Wendy Lovelace (PDF, 120KB)
  13. Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland (PDF, 369KB)
  14. Arthritis Queensland (PDF, 1.9MB)
  15. Queenslanders with Disability Network (PDF, 1.2MB)
  16. Spinal Life Australia (PDF, 417KB)
  17. Queensland Rail (Confidential)
  18. Bombardier Transport Australia (Confidential)
  19. Tim Nicholls MP (Confidential)

All submissions received by the Commission were considered when preparing its final report.

Last reviewed
3 December, 2018
Last updated
3 December, 2018