The Commissioner

Former District Court Judge, Mr Michael Forde was appointed to lead the inquiry. Mr Forde was admitted as a barrister in 1974 and served at the Bar of Queensland for 20 years. His practice included insurance law, property law and public law. He was appointed to the District Court in 1995 where he served for 14 years before retiring from the Bench in 2009.

Mr Forde obtained a Masters in Public Sector Management (Hons) from Griffith University in 2001.

Since retiring from the District Court, Mr Forde has been a consultant with a firm of chartered accountants in Brisbane acting as both a probity adviser and auditor. He was also a director of Transparency International in Australia, an anti-corruption group with both a local and international presence, for two years.

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7 December, 2018
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7 December, 2018